Cults, Have You Been a Part Of One?


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The Latin word (occultus), which basically means “that is hidden”, is how the phrase “occult” was derived. The phrase that means “to cultivate” in the term “cult” is the one that gives rise to “cult”. To put it another way, to train up according to all the approved techniques. This is what the short article is all about.


It was many years ago that I began to devour every piece of religious information I could, and I ended up joining a team that Barbara Walters later called “the fastest increasing cult in America”. The group called them the Boston Church of Christ, and/or Cornerstone Church of Christ. They now verify with themselves since the International Church of Christ buildings, to ensure that they aren’t confused when using the regular Church of Christ. I won’t go into detail, but it is clear that this group was identified by their “discipleship” system. This has lead to several lawsuits. In truth, I was once a member of a group that eventually ended up being contacted by an attorney. He wrote them a request to get them to leave.

The group was then led by 1 male who was identified as my “discipler”, and he attempted to understand my legal action. I told him that he was a member of a “cult” (one thing that cultists are essentially expecting to hear, seeing it is persecution which only emphasizes their uses). He had been through numerous law suits and should get out of the group as soon as possible. He laughed at the ridiculousness of this idea, and my warning only confirmed that he was about the ideal group. I replied, “Well…I assume I am going see you in Heaven.” He replied, “That is the purpose, Michael…amongst you is not going!” Given this, I was invited quite a few times to that group’s Bible Studies. But I became more than a minor disruptor due to the issues that I was asking. These evenings produced no converts.

It is important to remember that these people were honest, kind, and well-meaning. They were still being deceived. Keep in mind that they don’t appear as the enemy…we know at this time who that may be!

Walter Martin, who was considered by many to have the greatest authority regarding cults, defined a cult simply as “A group consisting of people that disagree with a specific person’s interpretations of the Bible.” Cults refer to groups that claim harmony with Christianity but deny fundamental Christian doctrines, such as the Trinity or Jesus Christ. I had a great time with the team that I joined. They agreed with almost everything that the Church of Christ taught, except for James 5. Sixteen. They were sued for slandering people’s character and using their confidential confessions as a way of blackmailing. James Walker of Watchman Expositor identifies the main signs of a religious cult as their ability to multiply, divide or insert Christian doctrine.

Jesus warned of the dangers of cults. Matthew 7 :15-17 warns of false prophets. They arrive in sheep’s clothes, but inwardly are fierce wolves. They will be identified by the fruit they produce. Jesus was warning that cultists can appear, act, or sound quite like legitimate Christians. However, they could still be sheep’s wolves. It is possible to pretend that you are a true believer for a while, but eventually, one’s actions and most importantly one’s beliefs will lead you astray. This is why romantic relationships are so crucial to us when we get involved in non-secular activities with other people. Galatians 5,22 reveals what the fruit of the Spirit – the proof that the Holy Spirit lives within us – is. The fact that someone calls themselves Christian doesn’t make them Christian.

Why is my cult or another cult growing so quickly? Many important factors are responsible for their rapid growth.

One) Jesus warned us, along with the apostles about times like this. Jesus warned in Matthew 24.23-25 that when His return attracts, there will also be a rise of false prophets who are going to trap people with false teachings. It is true. It can occur. I see it every day. Peter warns us that false instructors will rise from within the church. Yes, this is happening, too. Poor and unbiblical training are all around!

2) Cult growth leads to the breakdown in your spouse and your children. People are seeking acceptance and the family unit’s collapse has led to the rise of cults. The Church follows the Church wherever people go. The Church is the same as the nation. As city gangs do, cults provide the acceptance and love for spouses and children that many who are from difficult families long for. The father figure is often the chief of the cult.