Heal yourself with meditations and exercises

Healing is something that most of us require. Most of us are affected at some time or another by the negative thoughts we have, illness, and injuries. You can meditate or do healing exercises, regardless of whether you are a formal meditator. Read more now on YourHighestTruth ayahuasca ceremony peru.

The results can be amazing. I am a Distant Healing Network volunteer and often recommend simple meditations or easy exercises that will bring lasting healing. We have to do the same meditations over and over again, although the results are not always immediate. Sometimes the healing is instant.

Visualizations and Simple Affirmations

The thoughts we have about ourselves, the people around us and our world will become manifest. We can get trapped by the belief that we are ill or injured, particularly if it has been a long-term illness. It is possible to become ill or sick by thinking that we have been injured.

Many times, these negative self-talks are unconscious – we’ve just become used to the idea of being sick or hurt. Affirmations are used to combat these unconscious or conscious negative thoughts. In their place, we replace negative thoughts with positive ones. After a while, if this is a technique you are familiar with, it may only take reciting your affirmation several times for you to achieve balance and wellness. At first, it may be necessary to say your affirmations many times per day and for an extended period.

Your affirmation should be short, simple, and uncomplicated. When the problem is one of emotion, use an affirmation with the opposite feeling. You could, for instance, use the affirmation “Joy”. This is a good choice if you have depression. For example, if your anger or anxiety is a problem, you can say “Peace. Peace. Peace”. Or, “Calm, calm, calm.” Or, “I’m the soul”. Or “I am Radiant Light”. The phrase you chose will tell you if it is the one you want to use. You’ll know because you find the joy, peace and calm that you were looking for.

The antidote for a physical problem would be to imagine yourself “completely healthy and happy” or “completely healed”. You can see yourself being surrounded and filled with Divine Light. This will make you feel happy, healthy and completely healed. You can also try to imagine what you would feel like if you were fully healed, happy, healthy, and uninjured. This exercise took me a couple of minutes to complete earlier this morning. Instead of being on my back, sick with flu, I now sit at the keyboard happily and am writing this Journal. Humans often refer to “miracles”, but they are really just simple shifts in the way we think.