The Magical Maitake Mushroom

Wow! What a beautiful mushroom! The Maitake mushroom is part of the group of mushrooms that are now considered medicinal mushrooms. The Maitake mushroom is considered a champion. Maitake mushrooms offer a wealth of nutrition, which is not the case with regular button cap mushrooms. Miatake mushrooms can be a wonderful addition to any dinner menu. These mushrooms are rich in flavor and have a meaty texture. To complement almost any menu, a side dish with this amazing mushroom sauteed to perfection makes a perfect accompaniment. You can get the best soulcybin reviews on our place.

Maitake mushrooms originate in Japan’s mountains. Their firm but flexible base makes them easy to identify by their clusters of dark, crumbly fronds. These dark fronds look like the tail feathers of a chicken and are what give them their nicknames “hens of the woods” and/or “dancing butterflies.” Maitake mushrooms can be found on deciduous hardwoods of northern US temperate rainforests. Maitake mushrooms are now grown by many companies in strict, controlled environments. This is in an effort preserve the nutritional and inherent qualities of this cherished mushroom species.

Natural medicinal properties of maitake mushrooms are rapidly making them famous. Other uses for this species include treatment of high sugar, high cholesterol and immune system stimulation. The fruit bodies and the mycelium contain medicinally-active components of Maitake. There are specialty producers and US laboratories that specialize in the cultivation of active ingredients found in Maitake mushrooms. This is due to their medicinal benefits in other countries. The amazing mushroom species can be found in holistic health centers and health food stores all across the US.