King Size Mattress Dimensions: Your Guide to the Best Mattress Size

King size mattresses have two options. Both are considered king-sized, though they may come with different names. The name of the mattress will vary depending on where it is located. Visit before reading this.

Because it is larger than most other types of mattresses, the king is the most popular mattress. It can be used as a main bed in a home’s master room, or by tall people who want to have a lot more sleeping space than they share with others. The mattress can even comfortably hold two small children.

The king size mattress dimensions may not be ideal for everyone. Even the best mattress is not perfect.

The standard king size

Eastern King is another name for the standard king-sized bed. This type of mattress measures 76 in width and 80 in length. This king-size mattress measurement shows that it is roughly the same length as a queen size mattress, but it is much wider. The king mattress is the largest available and can comfortably accommodate two adults. An Eastern King set often includes two boxsprings and a mattress, making it easy to move.

Although this mattress is ideal for couples and those who need more sleeping space, singles will find it too big for their needs. This is especially true for those who are responsible for moving. One reason is that the standard king size mattress is too big to be maneuvered in narrow corridors and up steep steps. The king mattress is not suitable for people who are taller or have limited budgets, because it can be expensive.