Are IRAs and 401ks the Right Investment for Me?

Most likely, if you have spent most of your career working for mid-sized to large companies from 9 to 5, you already have some sort of retirement or savings plan. Many financial advisors suggest establishing a 401k plan, and investing in diversified stocks and bonds. Many financial advisers have little knowledge or understanding of the benefits and value of gold-backed investment and a Gold IRA.

Most people do this in the hope of having a substantial nest egg for retirement. Due to the constant devaluation in the value of the dollar, and the account/banking charges, it is possible that the amount remaining for retirement may not be as much as one might expect. The fact is that many financial advisers are paid to sell stocks and manage portfolios. This means they have an interest in promoting the Wall Street Agenda and minimizing gold investments.

People all across the nation are affected by this, because many have reached retirement age now and realize that they don’t have as much saved up as they had thought. Many people have become aware of this problem and are taking action to prevent themselves from facing similar situations as those described in the article.

With a retirement account, you don’t need to be vulnerable to the dollar devaluing or other fees or loopholes that can compromise the value of your nest-egg. By supplementing a 401k plan with a gold or silver IRA account, you will be able to increase the value of your retirement savings. Gold and Silver are stable investments that are virtually immune to currency devaluation.

It is because gold’s price is independent of the growth and performance of any specific company. Although there are annual storage fees, precious metals remain a highly profitable investment that’s recommended by some of the best financial advisors in the world. Consider precious metal IRAs a means of diversifying your portfolio.

Open a gold IRA in a matter of days. Once you’ve completed the forms and provided the account information, the process of rolling over your money will be started. Gold 401k and gold IRA transfers are tax-free, as well as free from any penalties. As you proceed, you will be able to choose the type of precious metals which you wish to include in your IRA.