Get the Most out of Your Microwave Convection Oven with Combination Unit

Modern houses aren’t always big with a large kitchen that can accommodate all the appliances. There isn’t enough space in the kitchen to accommodate all those gadgets and new appliances. Instead of keeping a separate convection oven for baking, grilling and roasting, and a microwave oven for cooking, heating, defrosting and steaming, it makes sense to have a two-in-one microwave-cum-convection oven. The microwave-convection combination is fantastic because it offers the same even heating of a convection cooker that has two heating elements, but with the high heat levels of a microwave that utilizes radio waves.

The radio waves will be used to heat up any food that needs cooking. Convection cooking is done by the convection system while microwave energy cooks the food inside. It is the perfect result of a cooked and perfectly browned dish.

Combination Oven: Features

Combining convection and microwave cooking to achieve browning of the exterior.

By circulating heat, the fan keeps the meat moist and the juices in.

Microwaves can defrost your food without any need to thaw or heat it up. So, the process of cooking is to go straight from the fridge into the microwave.

Food cooked by microwave gets browner and looks more attractive.

Although expensive, buying two separate ovens is cheaper than buying a micro-wave and convection.

Multi-level power to suit the requirements of heating systems of different types

Three cooking methods are available: only microwave, just convection, or both.

Many ovens come with a cavity made of stainless steel that’s easy to clean.

The two types of heat help complete cooking much quicker.

The nutrients of food is preserved as microwaves allow for fast cooking. According to research, they can help maintain more vitamins and minerals. The combination oven is a healthier way to cook foods.

It works so that the microwaves cook the food while the convection elements warm up. Once the convection components are hot, they take over the cooking process. It reduces the cooking time by nearly half.