It’s Not Just About The Money

Since the 1990s, the number of self-storage businesses has grown across the US to satisfy the rising demand. Many still do not believe that extra space is needed outside of their own home. You may wonder why you would pay extra for your belongings to be stored at a distance, when there is plenty of space in your home. You can use storage units in certain circumstances, no matter the amount of space that you have.

1. Storing Holiday Decorations and Equipment

It’s annoying to store equipment for sports that require a lot of equipment. Other items like volleyball nets and inflatable swimming pool can hang in your home throughout the winter. Using self-storage you can conveniently store away your seasonal equipment when the season is over, allowing more room in your home for important items.

You might have collected a lot of decorations over the years. When winter comes to an end, boxes full of Christmas lights may be left in your storage unit. Torches and outdoor lamps will remain after summer. In this case, you may want to organize your collection of decorations by packing the boxes into your storage space.

2. Collecting Valuables or Antiques

You might have many old stamps and models of trains. These items may be kept in your collection with the intention of selling them one day for a good profit. It will waste your precious interior space to keep such a collection in the house. They will last longer if you store them in a self-storage space that is climate controlled.

3. Temporarily Hide Valuables When Travelling During the Summer

Statistically, more home breaks-in occur in the summer. Intruders may target your house if they see signs you and/or your family are traveling for a prolonged period during the summer break. Some self-storage companies offer low monthly rates that make it possible to safely store your most important documents, as well as sensitive belongings while on vacation.

Of course, there are many situations that you can take advantage of self-storage, but this is just the tip of the iceberg. Keep in mind what will work best with your individual lifestyle.