Top questions to ask before buying used agricultural equipment

Buy used agricultural machinery to maximize your budget.

It isn’t uncommon for second-hand buyers to have regrets. Visit this site

These tips will help you to keep away from becoming another victim.

You should consider a reputable dealer before purchasing any used machinery or agricultural gear. You can make two arguments in favor of this. It is likely that items will have undergone a pre-sale inspection. It is also possible to receive some form of service after the sale. You may not be able to get these things if you purchase from a private person.

Look out for deals that seem too good to true. They often involve products being sold for fractions of their actual second-hand values. As few people will throw their money in such a way, this should alert you to the fact that something is amiss.

Check the identification and address of anyone selling an item to you privately. False-id sales of stolen items are not so common as they may be in other sectors, but it still happens. It may become necessary for you to prove the source of your purchase if you ever have any problems with the police.

Do whatever is required to find out if the item has any unpaid finance. If you’re buying smaller or cheaper equipment, this is not likely to be a big issue. However, if it is a more expensive piece of kit you want to ensure that you do not get stung with debt.

When buying something privately, but you don’t have the greatest expertise in mechanics and hydrostatics, you might want to contact an expert who will check it out in advance.

Avoid buying items second-hand from companies you haven’t heard of. Do some research on the Internet about the brand before you buy it. Also, check the quality and reputation. As important, if you don’t more, is that spares are available.

When it is realistically feasible, give an item a good ‘test-run’ prior to purchase. As an example some tractor engine might work perfectly for a couple of minutes, then cause all sorts problems when they start getting hot. You shouldn’t get fooled with just a 5-minute demo by an existing owner. Make sure you are thorough.